by Charles Loveless | VP of Sales and Operations

What drives a customer to changing the interior of their home?

CABINETS: Cabinets are usually first on the list for changing.  Many dated cabinet finishes no longer look or feel right in our kitchen and bathrooms. Some simple changes can make a world of difference.  If the cabinets have a milk-wash look, or the stain/varnish has turned more orange with age, or if the cabinets are too dark, you should consider having them painted.  A lighter color will brighten any room and make it feel larger.  Redesigning or replacing cabinets has grown in popularity.  Even replacing doors and drawer fronts can be affordable.  Don’t forget you can ask to have the “bell & whistles” of interior trays and slide-outs that increase the storage space inside cabinets.

COUNTERTOPS: It appears that granite is “out,” and quartz is “in” for countertops.  Most of our customers are gravitating towards quartz.  It is a hard, durable, and tends to be much lighter than granite. Also, the flow pattern of the stone is diminished and seems preferred over busy stone patterns.  It brings a cleaner and brighter feel to bathrooms and kitchens.

​TILE: Whether for the backsplash or flooring, has taken a shift towards elegance.  There are variety of colors and sizes to choose from in local stores.  Also, you can bring a new look by adding texture/style such as herring bone, mosaic, or pebbled surfaces.

PAINT COLORS: I receive many requests for light grey when choosing painting colors in my customer’s homes.  However, during the last 6 months, there have been more request for off whites on ceilings and walls.

INSPIRATIONS: Where to get ideas? Many customers have general ideas about what they envision for their home environments.  Yes, HGTV may be a leading source, but there are so many other avenues that are close to our homes.   Setting up appointments to speak with store professionals is the best method to visualize products.  Floor & DécorAtlas FlooringFergusonTriton, and Daltile are several stores that can be contacted, and appointments set with their designers.  Often, we personally meet our customers with designers to help guide them through choices that not only address their budget but also allow them to achieve their visions.

We look forward to updating, changing, and improving the living spaces in your home.  Contact us and we will help you design and accomplish your dream: 210-403-3232;