by Charles Loveless | VP of Sales and Operations

Throughout the years, color trends and preferences have undergone many shifts. Earlier in 2023, there was a  period where off-beige earthen tones were highly sought after, and more recently shades of grey have grown in popularity. However, a commonality over the past 2 years has been the application of white paint; it remains the most requested color amongst homeowners. 

That being said, not all whites perform equally.

Luminous white is the brightest white on the market, and its clean appearance may seem tempting. However, one of the issues with this white is that it has very little pigmentation. Pigment additive increases the paint thickness and dictates whether it will cover surfaces in one or two coats. Therefore, Luminous white will require more than one coat of paint. A second item of concern, most paint companies do not have a large volume of Luminous Paint in their stores.

Typically speaking, if you are changing to white and painting over a somewhat darker color, you will need a second and sometimes third coat.

So, what do I do if I want white on my ceilings, walls, and trim? How do I achieve a noticeable difference in color between walls and trim? Our suggestion is to paint the walls in an eggshell sheen. This sheen is washable and protects the walls much better. Furthermore, paint the trim and doors in a satin sheen, this will give you the slight pop you desire between surfaces. 

You may find yourself asking, why not use semi-gloss or gloss sheens? While you can, I have found that the rule of choice among customers is to usually utilize satin for trim and doors. Furthermore, in my opinion, semi-gloss and gloss tend to look too much like shiny plastic.

On a side note, the most popular project requested by customers this year has been changing the color of the kitchen cabinets. Although other colors can be just as charming, white or off-white cabinets make the kitchen look lighter and brighter, and are hence the most popular choice.

As a last reminder, do not forget that what is popular today, this year, may change soon. If you are looking to keep up with the trends, call us over and we’d be happy to complete any project you have in mind.